Presentation in Embassy of Mexico in LONDON. Four women: four passions. (Sept 2013)

Belén Rico
Good afternoon, first of all, I want to thank Cristina Jarque for the opportunity of being part of one of the thousands projects of her long wish list. Thank you for the privilege to be part of this book. Also, I am specially proud of belonging to the group Lapsus de Toledo leaded by Cristina Jarque and Lola Burgos. At this moment, Lapsus de Toledo is an international cultural landmark for the dissemination of the psychoanalysis and the general thought. And right now it has 138 members. Lapsus de Toledo is always on.
This book is written with a pen in one hand and another in the heart. Our pride is to be vocal now of the story of lives of others far away in time but near by in our feelings. We thought that we descended into hell from their ruined lifes, but in reality that hasn’t happened that way. There was a loving hell that forced us to re-think, to transform our everyday experiences through their lives. There’s a daily cruelty that causes mental catastrophes. Individuals that have destroyed the lives of others without realizing the will to destroy that they carried. Our protagonists lived the passion at all costs and it was a weapon of mass destruction. They were never alert. They were victims of their love. The passion led them to a very serious domination loving.
Every time two people fall in love there is always one who loves more. Each of them knows the level of fear that aroused in the other the possible rupture.

The one who love’s less knows that the other fears the most.
But in the passion it doesn’t exist good ones and bad ones. The most honest of individuals can become the most cruel executioners. Time passes as cruel tyrant. Such passionate love causes serious imbalances in the individual.
Why is there always one who loves more? The reason is simple, because a degree of identical fiction is impossible.
Individuals involved in the passion immediately perceive it.
Anyone who least loves knows that the other is more afraid due to the devotions, is such, that it doesn’t support the possibility of breaking up neither in reality nor in thought. Whoever contemplates the break up becomes to be the master and the other in the fearful slave.
The horror enters through this crack to the couple.
Who less loves starts to demand ever more.
He wants to experience a bit of power to fell him self as an absolute master but in reality only being an absolute master of a little space and that’s the others live. It’s hard to scape to that game. Meanwhile, the other, who is passionately engaged, becomes to the victim of the most terrible blows.
That passion state has led them to there, is no a calculate price, it is a love for the other that has taken it to what has become executioner.
There comes a day when nothing seems scarier than this way to handle feelings.
The attributed executioner’s sexual domination gives him the power to make the victim enjoy, which is destroyed by his own joy. The sperm of the devil.
What’s the paradise door price? You can answer yourself after reading this book.
They weren’t asleep, they put into question the order of the world, they left themselves to the call of the passion drum. The passion and their traumas.
You’re never less free than when you love.
Each of our protagonists through their life, will tell their own truth. They’ll teach us how some persons kill with knives and guns and others with submission.
Passionate vampires who make last the loving dependence leaving scars to make their conquests belong to them forever. Don’t lie to yourself; we are vulnerable to the passion, all the life!!!
But the truths price has no discounts.
Our protagonists were very advanced women for their time, but not happier. Their freedom, their being different had a high cost.
They went out to conquer the world without having digested their own.
The story has saved us treasures that are our heritage, human’s life’s, heroes of their own existence. Single women who seemed accompanied. We rescued the implicit message of their lives. We have had the courage to look at these women and tell their existence from our own view.
Dare to be seduced by the game of their lives that we propose as authors, you can accept our passionate proposal to read this book and not fall into the trap of our eyes because I’m sure that they’re as many glances as readers.

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